Sunday, July 22, 2012

National Geographic Winners

Photograph by Cristobal Serrano, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Mike Murray, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Harri Taavetti, HBW/Rex
Photograph courtesy Ximena Olds, RSMAS
Photograph by Walter Nussbaumer, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Antero Topp, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Keith Williams, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Jaime Rojo, HBW/Rex
Photograph by Kit Day, HBW/Rex

Sunday, July 8, 2012


American Quarter Horse Photo by Finely Farms…
by Equestrian Images…
Gypsy Vanner Photo by Westmoreland Farm…
Lady Karietha Photo by Jennifer Rose
Mile Stone Photo by photo by Neda DeMayo via Mustang Meg
Mystic Warrior
Palomino Spring Photo by Gosia Makosa Equine
Perkal Photo by Wojtek Kwiatkowski…
Photo by Alexia Khbushceva
Photo by Christine Brandelev Paulsen from Svino, Storstrom, Denmark
Photo by Emily Hansen…
Photo by Gosia MÄ…kosa Equine Art & Photography…
Photo by Sarah Cooke Monteleone…
Photo by Karen Kavanagh…
Romeo plays with water Photo by Mammano Photography for Heaven Sent Farm…
The Akhal-Teke the national emblem of Turkmenistan

Friday, July 6, 2012


I do not know the names of the photographers that took these photographs, I am only sharing their art with the world.